Building Vaccine Confidence

Building vaccine confidence in others is challenging unless you are confident in the COVID-19 vaccines. Begin by learning key information about vaccine confidence and the COVID-19 vaccines and then prepare to build vaccine confidence in others by accessing answers to common questions and outreach strategies.

In Yourself and the Team

Vaccine confidence starts with a strong foundational knowledge of how COVID-19 vaccines work from science and research to development, approval, and administration. With the right tools and information, you can develop vaccine confidence as a pharmacist or member of the pharmacy team.

Build confidence in yourself

In Your Patients and the Community

Reach vaccine hesitant patients in your communities armed with the latest information. Have productive conversations, answer common questions and build confidence in the efficacy and safety of COVID-19 vaccines. Find the resources you need to have a positive impact on developing and building vaccine confidence in your patients.

Build confidence in others

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Sharing Vaccine Confidence

Maximize your patient interactions by sharing handouts or take to social media to spread confidence in the COVID-19 vaccines. See how pharmacists are successfully increasing vaccine confidence and share your stories!

Patient Resources

Access a library of information and resources to help you plan for community outreach and access downloadable patient-friendly information you can print and share.

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Success Stories

Pharmacists across the country are building confidence and impacting vaccination rates in their communities. See how pharmacists are increasing vaccination rates and getting the job done by administering COVID-19 vaccines across the country.

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