Build Confidence in Current Vaccine Recommendations

COVID-19 vaccine recommendations change frequently, and it can be challenging to keep up. The links on this page will take you directly to the most up-to-date guidance, recommendations, and vaccine-specific information.

Some people no longer see COVID-19 as a threat or have grown weary of preventive measures, a phenomenon known as “pandemic fatigue.” Others balk at the prospect of repeated vaccination.

The pandemic is over. So why bother? The public health emergency may be over, but the virus is still circulating among us.

Why bother to put in the effort to keep up with the current COVID-19 vaccine recommendations? Because too many people are still dying of COVID-19 infection, and their deaths could have been prevented.

COVID-19 vaccination is still the best way to prevent serious illness, hospitalization, and death. People who have received the COVID-19 vaccine are far less likely to die from COVID-19 than unvaccinated people. More vaccinations mean more people stay healthy, stay out of the hospital, and live longer lives.

Key Points

  • It is normal for the protection provided by a vaccine, including COVID-19 vaccines, to decrease over time. This is not a sign that the vaccines don’t work.
  • Giving updated doses of COVID-19 vaccine enhances or restores protection against COVID-19 that may have decreased over time.
  • Giving updated doses of COVID-19 vaccine is essential for protecting against serious COVID-19 disease, including severe illness, hospitalization, and death.
  • People are best protected from severe COVID-19 disease when they stay up to date with recommended COVID-19 vaccines.

Information for Pharmacy Teams

Visit APhA’s COVID-19 Vaccines: Current Guidance & Recommendations for the most recent updates and resources regarding COVID-19 vaccines.
Read CDC’s Interim Clinical Considerations for the most up-to-date recommendations for the use of COVID-19 vaccines in the United States.
Access vaccine-specific information for the various types of COVID-19 vaccines currently available: