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This library brings together all our vaccine confident programming – designed specifically for pharmacists and pharmacy teams. Our priority is to provide you the most recent and relevant information so that you can build vaccine confidence in your patients. You can trust APhA to be your source for accurate and timely information as you navigate these conversations in practice.

CPE Webinars

Building Vaccine Trust with Patients

As demand for COVID-19 vaccination slows, it is critical that pharmacists continue to build trust in patients who remain hesitant about vaccination. This recorded webinar discusses predominant and emerging drivers of mistrust in the COVID-19 vaccines and how to approach conversations when building trust with priority populations, including parents and young adults.

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Motivational Interviewing to Address Vaccine Confidence

This online learning course discusses vaccine hesitancy and identifies barriers experienced by patients. Motivational interviewing is highlighted as an approach to increase vaccine confidence in patients through case examples.

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Myth vs. Fact – Vaccine Hesitancy

Learn how to recommend COVID-19 vaccines to the patients you serve. Hear practical tips for navigating these conversations from an expert on CDC’s Vaccinate with Confidence Team, Dr. Stephen Perez, PhD, RN, CRNP, ACRN.

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The Role of Health Equity in Vaccine Hesitancy: Challenges and Opportunities

Join us for this CPE webinar on May 25th from 1:00-2:00pm ET to explore vaccine hesitancy among different populations, discuss solutions to address vaccine hesitancy across various cultural groups, and identify strategies for the equitable delivery of COVID-19 vaccinations.

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Show You Know

COVID-19 Vaccinations Across the Life Span

This multiple-choice quiz will test your knowledge of how the COVID-19 vaccine fits in with other recommended routine vaccinations.

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The Do’s and Don’ts in Having a COVID-19 Vaccine Confidence Discussion With Patients

Take this short multiple-choice quiz to evaluate your knowledge of what approaches have been shown effective to increase vaccine confidence, and what words or approaches you should avoid.

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Know the Facts: COVID-19 Vaccines and Vaccine Confidence

Test your knowledge of vaccine basics and your ability to talk to patients about the types of vaccines, the safety and efficacy of vaccines, and more.

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Hesitancy vs. Confidence of COVID-19 Vaccination

Do you understand the reasons for COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy among special populations? Take this short quiz to evaluate your knowledge of why certain patient groups may experience vaccine hesitancy.

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15 on COVID-19 CPE Series

COVID Variants

Pharmacists have been getting lots of questions about how it was possible to safely develop COVID-19 vaccines so quickly. Join us for this episode of our 15 on COVID-19 series to learn more about the COVID-19 vaccine development process.

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Accelerated Vaccine Development

This episode of 15 on COVID-19 will review how we were able to safely develop COVID-19 vaccines in record time.

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Building COVID-19 Vaccine Confidence Throughout the Immunization Neighborhood

CPE Available
This July 2021 Pharmacy Today supplemental article aims to give pharmacists the tools they need to turn their patients’ vaccine hesitancy into vaccine confidence and improve COVID-19 vaccination rates in disproportionately affected groups.

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Listen to your patients’ ‘why’

Pharmacy Today spoke with seven pharmacists from around the country who have relentlessly addressed these concerns in their diverse communities to instill vaccine confidence in the vaccine hesitant.

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Five ways you can help college-age students become #VaccineConfident

Get tips from student pharmacists about how to reach this critical population in APhA’s Student Pharmacist Magazine.

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