Patient Handouts

Print out these handouts to share with patients during your interactions:

COVID-19 Vaccines (Multiple Languages)

Provides COVID-19 vaccine information in multiple languages. (MedlinePlus)

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Facts About COVID-19 Vaccines (Multiple Languages)

Describes how the COVID-19 vaccine will safely provide protection and what to expect. (CDC)

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How a COVID-19 Vaccine Is Recommended for Public Use

Describes how ACIP recommends vaccines for use and how CDC and FDA conduct ongoing safety monitoring. (CDC)


How mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines Work

Depicts how mRNA vaccines work. (CDC)

How Viral Vector COVID-19 Vaccines Work

Depicts how viral vector vaccines work. (CDC)

Getting 'Back to Normal' is Going to Take All of Our Tools

Reminds people to get vaccinated and use other recommended measures to protect against COVID-19. (CDC)


COVID-19 Resources in Languages Other than English

Search informational handouts about COVID-19 vaccines in multiple languages. (CDC)

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Coronavirus (COVID-19), Pregnancy, and Breastfeeding: A Message for Patients

Printable webpage with frequently asked questions addressed by experts. (ACOG)

We Can Do This

Find campaign resources, printable materials, videos and social media posts. (HHS)