Videos demonstrating how pharmacists are helping patients make the decision to get vaccinated for COVID-19.

COVID-19 vaccinations: Working with the local community

Elizabeth Skoy, a pharmacist from North Dakota, shares some of the nuances of working with the community to administer COVID-19 vaccines.

The lessons I learned from vaccinating for COVID-19

Pharmacists from California, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Alabama share some of the lessons they learned during the campaign to administer the COVID-19 vaccines in their communities.

COVID-19 vaccinations: Working with faith-based leaders

Pharmacists from California, Delaware and Alabama share how they worked with faith-based leaders during their efforts to vaccinate their communities against COVID-19.

Inter-professional collaboration for COVID-19 vaccinations: The Immunization Neighborhood

The campaign to vaccinate against COVID-19 provides a real-world example of the “Immunization Neighborhood,” where clinicians across health care disciplines communicate and collaborate to achieve the best possible patient outcomes. Here, pharmacists from Maryland, Florida and Pennsylvania talk about what that looks like on a day-to-day basis.

COVID-19 vaccinations: Inter-professional collaboration improves patient care

What’s the benefit of inter-professional collaboration in vaccinating against COVID-19? Better outcomes for patients! In this video, pharmacists from Pennsylvania, Maryland, Florida and California share how that gets done.

Pharmacists vaccinating children for COVID-19: Putting children at ease

Pharmacist Chichi Ilonzo Momah of Springfield, PA, shares some of the techniques she’s utilizing to put children at ease while receiving a COVID-19 vaccine.

Working with children and their families during COVID-19 vaccinations: Pharmacist strategies

Pharmacist Jessica Bailey Finke of West Palm Beach, FL, shares how she works with children and their families when administering COVID-19 vaccines.

Vaccinating children against COVID-19: The power of humor

Pharmacist Trisha Winroth of Lowell, MA, shares some of her strategies while working with children and parents during COVID-19 vaccinations.

Making the COVID-19 vaccination process easier for children and their families

Pharmacist Kevin Musto of Smyrna, DE, discusses some of the ways he works with children and their families to make the COVID-19 vaccination process proceed smoothly.

Pediatric COVID-19 vaccinations: Working with parents and children

For pharmacist Ralph Sorrell of Mountain Brook, AL, the key to successfully vaccinating children against COVID-19 is understanding that he’s working with two patients at the same time.

COVID-19 vaccinations: Working with children and adolescents

Pharmacist Christina Madison of Las Vegas, NV, offers her approaches to working with children and adolescents to ensure successful COVID-19 vaccinations.

Getting children and their parents comfortable with COVID-19 vaccinations

Pharmacist Sophia Herbert of Pittsburgh, PA, talks about how she ensures that parents and their children are comfortable with their decision to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

Pharmacists say parents are the key to childhood vaccinations

Pharmacist Jessica Bailey Finke of West Palm Beach, FL, talks about how she answers parents’ questions when they bring their children to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Pharmacists share how making connections affirm parents’ decisions to vaccinate kids against COVID-19

Three pharmacists discuss how creating a personal connection with parents goes a long way to ensuring confidence in their decision to vaccinate their children against COVID-19.

Pharmacists’ strategies for vaccinating children against COVID-19: Assuring parents

Pharmacists from North Dakota and Maryland share their experiences vaccinating children against COVID-19, and how they work to make it a fun experience for children, while providing assurances to parents that they’re doing the right thing.

Making pediatric COVID-19 vaccinations a positive experience for children and parents

Pharmacists from Massachusetts and Alabama talk about how they’ve worked to make COVID-19 vaccinations a positive experience for children and their parents.

Engage, listen and create agency: Keys to successful pediatric COVID-19 vaccinations

Pharmacists from Pennsylvania, Nevada and California talk about how they engage parents, listen carefully, and prioritize the needs of children, making COVID-19 vaccinations a positive experience for children and their parents.

When Pharmacy Answered the Call: Vaccinating Older People

Pharmacist Ralph Sorrell shares why the #COVID vaccine was so profoundly important to older people. #VaccineConfident

When Pharmacy Answered the Call: Conversation After Conversation

From Pharmacist Krista Capehart, why it takes “conversation after conversation” to get a community vaccinated. #VaccineConfident

When Pharmacy Answered the Call: What Makes Us Unique

Why being a pharmacist is the only thing Krista Capehart ever wanted to do. #VaccineConfiden

When Pharmacy Answered the Call: Working in the Coal Mine

Pharmacist Krista Capehart talks about bringing the #COVID vaccine to West Virginia’s coal mines. #VaccineConfident

When Pharmacy Answered the Call: Filling the Gap

How Pharmacist Kate Mouser grew during the pharmacy #COVID vaccination effort. #VaccineConfident

When Pharmacy Answered the Call: Starting the Conversation

How do you start a vaccine conversation with a patient? Here’s the approach from Pharmacist Kate Mouser. #VaccineConfiden

When Pharmacy Answered the Call: Building Rapport

From Pharmacist Jessica Marx, the key to building rapport with vaccine-hesitant patients. #VaccineConfident

When Pharmacy Answered the Call: Family Ties

What it meant to Pharmacist Gretchen Garofoli to vaccinate her son and her niece. #VaccineConfident

When Pharmacy Answered the Call: You Just Have to Listen

Every patient has a different reason for their hesitancy, says Pharmacist Gretchen Garofoli. #VaccineConfident

When Pharmacy Answered the Call: The First Thing You Must Do

Pharmacist Elizabeth Skoy shares her first steps in talking to hesitant patients about the #COVID vaccine. #VaccineConfident

When Pharmacy Answered the Call: Forever Changed

A Detroit pharmacist talks about why the #Covid19 pandemic has forever changed how patients view the pharmacy profession. #VaccineConfident

When Pharmacy Answered the Call: That First Vaccination

Pharmacist Elizabeth Skoy, of Fargo, ND, won’t ever forget her first #COVID vaccination. #VaccineConfident

When Pharmacy Answered the Call: 50 Years From Now…

Why Pharmacist Cody Sandusky is proud of what the professional did during the pandemic. #VaccineConfident

When Pharmacy Answered the Call: What Makes It Worthwhile

Here’s moment during his #COVID vaccinations when Pharmacist Cody Sandusky knew it was all worthwhile. #VaccineConfident

When Pharmacy Answered the Call: Vaccinating Children

How do you get children and their parents at ease with the #COVID vaccine? Here’s Chichi Ilonzo Momah’s approach. #VaccineConfident

When Pharmacy Answered the Call: What She’ll Remember Most

What are Chichi Ilonzo Momah’s most powerful memories from the #COVID vaccination campaign? #VaccineConfident

When Pharmacy Answered the Call: An Eye-Opening Moment

The #COVID vaccination campaign opened Pharmacist Rebecca Sorrell’s eyes in many ways. Here’s one example. #VaccineConfident

When Pharmacy Answered the Call: Emotions

During the #COVID vaccination campaign, Pharmacist Rebecca Sorrell realized that sometimes, people just want to talk. #VaccineConfident

When Pharmacy Answered the Call: Inspiring Moments

Pharmacist Ashley Pugh, from Jackson, TN, shares her most inspiring moments vaccinating patients during a very difficult year. #VaccineConfident

When Pharmacy Answered the Call: A New Era for Pharmacists

Pharmacist Carla Daniel saw that because of the pandemic, patients see pharmacists in a whole new light. Here’s why. #VaccineConfident

When Pharmacy Answered the Call: Diverse Populations

Pharmacist Lola Adeoya-Olatunde, of Indianapolis, IN, shares what it takes to connect with diverse populations. #VaccineConfident

When Pharmacy Answered the Call: Vaccine-Hesitant Patients

What’s the key to improving vaccine confidence? Pharmacist Lola Adeoya-Olatunde explains. #VaccineConfident

When Pharmacy Answered the Call: Conversations With Patients

Pharmacist Tiffany Hatcher shares her approach to discussions with patients about their confidence in the #COVID vaccine. #VaccineConfident

When Pharmacy Answered the Call: Stronger Than Ever

Why Pharmacist Ashley Pugh believes the pandemic has made pharmacy stronger than ever. #VaccineConfident

Vaccine Conversations: Putting Knowledge in Patients’ Hands

Dr. Estela Lajthia, a pharmacist at the Howard University College of Pharmacy, says her role is to be a credible, trustworthy broker of vaccine information. “At the end of the day, you want them to feel comfortable,” she says, even if it means they need more time to think about their decision.

Vaccine Conversations: Listening, and Providing Expertise

Dr. Samir Balile, a pharmacist in Washington, DC, with Giant supermarkets, says the easy accessibility of his pharmacy to local residents gives him the opportunity to not only be a vaccine expert for his patients, but to listen closely to their concerns. “It’s a very natural trait that community pharmacists possess, he says.

COVID Vaccine Safety and Pregnant Women

Dr. Kristin Watson, a pharmacist at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy, talks about the questions her patients have about the COVID vaccine, particularly their safety for pregnant women. “If I was pregnant, I would be very comfortable getting the vaccine,” she says.

COVID Vaccines and the Latinx Community

Dr. Magaly Rodriguez de Bittner, a pharmacist at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy, discusses the unique impact of the pandemic on the Latinx community, and the benefits of the vaccines for that community.

“This is a Vaccine That I Trust”

Dr. Cherokee Layson-Wolf, a pharmacist at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy, describes the vaccination clinics that she helps to manage, and her work with special populations and the Native American community in the Baltimore area. She says that when her patients ask her about the vaccines, she tells them, “This is a vaccine that I trust.”

Vaccine Confidence: The Importance of Respectful Conversations

Brian Hose administers the COVID-19 vaccines from his community pharmacy in rural Sharpsburg, MD (Population: 784). When patients ask about the vaccine, he said, respecting your relationships with your patients is key: “You just have to listen. You can’t try to dictate the conversation. You have it let it go at their pace.”

COVID-19 Vaccinations for the Homebound: Taking it on the Road

Homebound Vaccinations, Amelia Pharmacy, Amelia, VA

Dr. Rebecca Dell Brown, a community pharmacist in rural Virginia, visits and vaccinates patients who cannot leave their homes: “Every shot counts. If they can’t come to us, then we’re going to take it on road to them.”

The Vaccinated Pharmacist: Rebecca’s Personal Journey Inspires her Community

Dr. Rebecca Dell Brown, Pharmacist, Amelia Pharmacy, Amelia, VA (personal story)

Dr. Rebecca Dell Brown, a community pharmacist in rural Virginia, is a current cancer patient who got the COVID vaccine early to protect herself, her family and her patients. She said she got vaccinated first and did well with it, so “it alleviated the fear and panic that a lot of my community had.”

COVID-19 Vaccines in Rural Communities: “We Can Do This”

Dr. Rebecca Dell Brown, Pharmacist, Amelia Pharmacy, Amelia, VA (car vaccinations - "We Can Do This")

Dr. Rebecca Dell Brown, a community pharmacist in rural Amelia, VA (Population: 1,064), vaccinates her patients while they sit in their car in the parking lot behind her pharmacy. “We’re a rural community, very religious-based, good people,” she said. “Do it for your grandkids, do it for your grandma, do it for your wife,” she said. “We can do this.”

COVID Vaccination Conversations: Speaking from the Heart

Rhonda Jones, Pharmacy Technician, Amelia Pharmacy, Amelia, VA

Rhonda Jones, a pharmacy technician and a minister in a faith-based ministry in rural Virginia, suffered and recovered from COVID in December 2020. She got vaccinated as soon as she could, and she strongly recommends the vaccine to her patients “so they won’t go through what I went through.”

Vaccine Confidence: Giving Patients the Facts So they Can Make Their Decision

Dr. Vivian Ayuk, Pharmacist, FlexCare Pharmacy, Washington, DC

Dr. Vivian Ayuk vaccinates community residents from her pharmacy in southeast Washington, DC, because it’s “the best chance we’ve got at returning to a normal life.” Dr. Ayuk’s husband suffered from COVID last year, and when the vaccines were available, “we jumped at it.” When her patients ask her about the vaccines, “I’m honest with them, so they can make a decision, based on the facts.”

COVID Vaccinations: The Patient Who Came Back

Dr. Damika Walker, Pharmacist, Grubb's Pharmacy, Washington, DC ("A Patient Who Came Back")

Dr. Damika Walker, a community pharmacist in Washington, DC, talks about the patient who initially decided not to get vaccinated, but after thinking about their conversation, returned the next day to be vaccinated – and brought her sister and her boyfriend to be vaccinated, too. “My job is to leave the door open and not force it on anyone,” she said.

Vaccine Confidence Conversations: Leaving the Door Open

Dr. Damika Walker, Pharmacist, Grubb's Pharmacy, Washington, DC ("Two Patients")

Watch as Dr. Damika Walker, a pharmacist at an independent pharmacy in a Washington, DC, neighborhood, vaccinates residents at her pharmacy’s sidewalk clinic. “My job is to provide the information, so they can make the best choice for themselves,” she said.

Vaccine Confidence Conversations: It’s a Discussion

Dr. Tamara McCants, Howard University School of Pharmacy, Washington, DC

Dr. Tamara McCants, a clinical pharmacist in Washington DC, says people have deep-rooted reasons for not wanting to get the vaccine, so a single conversation probably won’t change their mind. But if they have more conversations with their relatives, watch them get the vaccinated and “be totally fine,” they’re more comfortable getting the vaccine themselves, she says.

Las vacunas contra el COVID y la comunidad latina

La Dra. Magaly Rodriguez de Bittner, farmacéutica en la Facultad de Farmacia de la Universidad de Maryland, comenta el impacto singular de la pandemia sobre la comunidad latina y los beneficios de las vacunas para esta comunidad.

Vaccine Confidence: The Value of a Trusted Advisor and a Familiar Location

At a church serving a Latinx community in Wheaton, MD, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians from a nearby supermarket vaccinate community members who were recruited by the pastor, Rev. Diana Wingeler-Rayo. Pastora Diana talks about how her community’s confidence in the vaccines grew because they trust her endorsement, and because they felt more comfortable being vaccinated in a familiar location - the church where they worship.

Confianza en la vacuna: El valor de un consejero confiable y una sede familiar

En una iglesia que brinda servicios a una comunidad de latinos y latinas en Wheaton, MD, los farmacéuticos y técnicos en farmacia de un supermercado cercano vacunan a los miembros de la comunidad que fueron reclutados por la pastora, Rev. Diana Wingeler-Rayo. La pastora Diana cuenta cómo aumentó la confianza de su comunidad en las vacunas gracias a su respaldo y a la confianza que la comunidad deposita en ella, y por qué se sienten más cómodos de vacunarse en un sitio que les resulta familiar; es decir, la iglesia en donde practican su fe.

Juneteenth Festival Vaccination Clinic - Columbia SC

Student pharmacists and faculty from the University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy talk to local residents visiting a COVID vaccination clinic in Columbia, SC, during an outdoor festival celebrating Juneteenth. Pharmacist Julie Justo emphasizes the need to listen to concerns before making any recommendations. (From WIS-TV News, Columbia SC)