Educate your health care team

Pharmacists are medication experts and serve as powerful leaders and educators on the health care team. Health care teams are on the front lines of the pandemic, and everyone on the team should be educated about the COVID-19 vaccines.

Quick Tip

How can pharmacists address vaccine mandates with staff or others?

CDC outlines How to Build Healthcare Personnel’s Confidence in COVID-19 Vaccines in six steps:

  1. Encourage senior leaders to be vaccine champions.
  2. Host discussions where personnel at different levels can provide input and ask questions.
  3. Share key messages with staff through emails, breakroom posters, and other channels.
  4. Educate health care teams about COVID-19 vaccines, how they are developed and monitored for safety, and how teams can talk to others about the vaccines.
  5. Educate nonmedical staff about the importance of getting vaccinated.
  6. Make the decision to get vaccinated visible—and celebrate it!

Health care personnel may find in-depth answers and background information are helpful to inform their decision. Share CDC’s Answering Your Questions About the New COVID-19 Vaccines handout.

PowerPoint Presentations You Can Use

Help your patients find reliable information about COVID-19 vaccines by suggesting they access the following webpages:

COVID-19 Vaccine Basics: What Healthcare Personnel Need to Know

Educates health care personnel about basics of COVID-19 vaccines, what to expect if they get vaccinated, how the safety of vaccines is monitored, and the benefits of COVID-19 vaccination. (CDC)


Building Confidence in COVID-19 Vaccines Among Your Patients: Tips for the Healthcare Team

Educates the health care team about COVID-19 vaccines that are pending authorization, vaccine safety monitoring, elements of vaccine confidence, and tangible strategies for effective conversations with their patients. (CDC)


Building Vaccine Confidence in Health Systems and Clinics: Tips for Immunization/Vaccine Coordinators

Covers what immunization coordinators can do to build vaccine confidence within their health system or clinic. (CDC)