Community Outreach Tools

Pharmacists can connect with their community through partnerships with public health, faith-based organizations, colleges and schools, and other community organizations.

Consider reaching out to your:

  • Local health department
  • City hall
  • Schools and colleges
  • Recreation centers
  • Places of worship

Open Forum Webinar: Public Health Partnerships in Practice

March 4 – Access the Slides

Hear from pharmacists who have partnered with public health efforts in their communities to increase COVID-19 vaccination, reaching underserved and high-risk patient populations.

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Listen to Success Stories

Hear how pharmacists nationwide are reaching patients in their community to increase vaccination rates.

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CDC outlines nine tips for Increasing Vaccine Confidence Through Communication and Community Engagement:

  1. Acknowledge the role of long-standing systemic health and social inequities.
  2. Make vaccine confidence visible to help build social norms.
  3. Use trusted messengers to share clear, credible communication.
  4. Develop frequent community engagement activities.
  5. Engage people across multiple channels.
  6. Build new partnerships.
  7. Think about other community spaces.
  8. Reach out to media outlets that serve specific communities.
  9. Consider how vaccine access and demand issues intersect.

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